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Elizabeth Harriett HERRINGTON

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PR bapt

5 Feb 1874 Rochester, Kent (PR) 

(M/1874, Medway, 2a, 479) (FreeBMD)

bapt  7 Jun 1874
St Nicholas Church, Rochester, Kent (PR)

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married certificate

3 Oct 1896
Congregational Chapel, Snodland, Malling, Kent (cert)
(D/1896, Malling, 2a, 1195) (FreeBMD) 

spouse James Walter Edwin FULLMAN view pedigree  

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c1905 aged just 32 of Typhoid (ST)
(D/1905, Medway, 2a, 379) (FreeBMD)



1881 census  Happy Row, Birling, Kent (locate on Multimap) click for transcript

1898 Waghorn Rd (DB)

1891 census 11 Birling Road, Snodland, Malling, Kent

1901 Census  47, Malling Road, Snodland, Kent (locate on Multimap)

1902 Queen's Rd (DB)

1904 43, Cross Street, Strood, Rochester, Kent


Other information

Although baptised as Harriett Elizabeth, by the age of 7 her names had been transposed to Elizabeth Harriett and apparently they remained that way for the rest of her life.

One of the witnesses to Elizabeth's wedding was her father Ambrose Edward, and the other was her sister Linda Blanche

After Elizabeth Harriett's untimely death, one daughter Violet Florence (Molly) was brought up by Mildred HERRINGTON, known as "Granny Luckhurst" who had a husband George and who lived in Catford. (MGK) The other daughter May Miriam (Wendy) went to live with her father's sister Ella Phoebe FULLMAN (1911 cen). James Alonzo went to live with his uncle Alonzo HERRINGTON (1911 cen), while Ambrose Edward continued to live with his father and a 'step-mother' who was very cruel to him. (AH)  

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